Patient Testimonials

Below are four accounts written by patients who have undergone limb reconstruction surgery at our unit. Informative and moving, they are worth reading for anyone with an interest in limb reconstruction.

Sue Burt

A detailed account of Sue's journey through four operations following a serious femoral fracture whilst on holiday. Sue underwent two stage leg lengthening and de-rotation surgery. This account describes her experiences on and off the orthopaedic ward and how motivation was important to her long term outcome. Sue gives a detailed description of a patient's experience at our unit and will be of particular interest to those considering limb reconstruction surgery.

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Leyton Carpenter

Leyton faced the prospect of amputation following a lower limb fracture whilst playing football. Leyton underwent limb lengthening of 13cm and wore his frame for 17 months. His account describes how motivation and physiotherapy exercises eventually conquered the extreme tiredness following his operation.

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Danny Penman

"I knew there was something seriously wrong with my paraglider when its wing appeared beneath me..." Read on

Danny suffered a serious tibial plateau fracture and complicated soft tissue injuries following a paragliding accident. Danny describes how meditation and diet aided his recovery, and how a positive outlook improved his ability to cope with arduous rehabilitation and difficulties once out of hospital. Danny's account includes a written piece by his surgeon, Mr Jackson.

Jason Clark

Jason Clark bumped into his limb reconstruction surgeon whilst cycling from John O'Groats to Lands End... fortunately he was still wearing his frame so didn't get into trouble! His achievement is testimony to what can be achieved following extensive surgery. His diary of the journey is available below.